Craft Pulse – Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2013

This week has been a first, no sewing this week!  Instead I’ve spent some time planning our wedding (eee!) and also browsing the new Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.  I am a big fan of the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, and for those who haven’t been along to one of their events yet, here’s a link:

The smaller events are the new little sister – the Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fairs.  The smaller fairs aim to feature around forty of the North’s leading designer makers and take place monthly throughout Cheshire.  It’s a great chance to see what’s new in the world of crafts with new graduates often showcasing their wares.  If you’re anything like me and interested in those who take a new modern twist on crafts, then this is the place for you!  I do love traditional, but for me it’s interesting and exciting to see new inspiration from fellow crafters.  So as part of my blog I’ve decided to spread the word for those I enjoyed, here are my favourites from today.

Kate Bufton

Kate’s pieces are just beautiful.  Kate describes her work as book transformations, manipulating the shape and form of old books.  I know my husband to be would love this.  You can find her at:

“I explore the structural possibilities of these books through a variety of cuts and folds. Transforming the old books from carriers of text to objects of art”.


Print Garage

Print Garage is run by Iain Perry and his partner in staffordshire.  I am so excited to see his colourful take on screen printing.  I recommend you check out their website:

When we get more walls, that is, a whole new house we will most definately be hanging one of Iain’s prints!


Brittany Delany

Brittany is a new graduate with a great eye for colour with ceramics.  She may be shy, hiding in this picture, but her work speaks wonders.  She’s currently working out of her parents garage and I wish her all the best in her craft ventures.  See her work at:


Today’s craft fair took place at Cheadle Hulme School, such a beautiful building.  I couldn’t resist a picture to share with everyone.


I also couldn’t resist a cheeky bit of hopscotch!


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